Love Is…

Part Twelve:
Love Always Protects


When we feel the need and urge to protect something, it’s because we believe we are holding something valuable and precious. When we recognize the value of others, we try to protect them from harm. When we value ourselves, we do the same. This protection may come in the form of shielding, or it may come in the form of moving to a place of safety, a different location or higher ground. When we value ourselves, we take care of what offers protection. Love does not mean “hoarding”. When we hoard our Love or our loved ones from encountering others or the world at large, we are really trying to control or possess, which comes from a place of insecurity. We are afraid and are acting out of fear. Love is recognizing the free will of others and valuing their right to choose for themselves, not losing sight of Love. When we lose sight of Love, we are disconnected from our True inner strength, what really protects. Yes, with Loving comes vulnerability by baring our True Selves. Yet, when we are secure in that, we need not fear the insecurity of others. Will they hurt me if I Love them? What if something happens to whom I love? Is it easier to form a wall around our Heart, by not connecting to Love, not letting our Love show through? What else fills the void left between the wall and others? What else fills the absence of our Loving? What do we allow to show through, instead? What do we begin to connect with? As hard as it is sometimes, because of the pain we’ve experienced, we don’t have to behave in accordance to our fears. They may hurt me. They may leave me. But if we’ve been True to our Hearts and True to others, there is nothing to regret. There is immense strength in Loving. And when we believe that, there is security. We protect when we Love. LoveĀ is protection. And Love will protect us from the real harm, the harm we inflict on ourselves by not Loving. Allow Love to be the strength It Is. Protect Love. Be Love.