Love Is…

Part Two:
Love is Kind



Love is kind. Kindness is the quality of being friendly, generous, and considerate. Showing kindness to others is when your Love recognizes the Love in another, that we are all intrinsically valuable, capable of Love and deserving Love. You see others for who They Are. You are free to Love and Love generously. Your thoughts are in tune with your Love and the Love of others. Kindness is treating others and the world around you with the Love you would desire to connect with within. You “do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” You act in accordance to the Love that is part of Your Being. You don’t have to befriend everyone. You are free to gift friendship. Yet sometimes, we allow the pain in our lives to cause us to fear generosity, to not consider the Truth of the way things are. We have experienced pain. When we believe others do not deserve our Love, is it because we are mirroring the pain we connect with? Do we not deserve Love? If we listen to the painful lie that says, “You see, they rejected you. They cannot love you. You are not worth loving,” how do we behave in kind? The act of friendliness towards others is recognizing and believing that They really are not our foe. When you treat someone as if they are, you believe they are the source and cause of harm and your pain. They are an enemy to oppose. But when you separate yourself from the pain you feel or the pain someone projects, you are no longer in bondage to the emotions you feel and the emotions of others. The pain you carry, the burden, is no longer there when you release it. You are free to connect to your Love rather than the pain. When you are connected to the Love of your Being, you feel fulfilled. That filling allows us to to be generous towards others. The Love that fills You will guide You in your thoughts. Considerate acts come from Loving thoughts. The acts of friendship, generosity, and considerateness come from a Heart that is free and full to Love. When you Love, you give freely. There is no expectation because you already have all you need. Be kind to your Self and be kind to Others. Be Love.

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