To Belong

I don’t wanna be judged by my beliefs, I wanna be accepted for who I Am. My beliefs are my own and sacred to only me. Judge me by my actions and character. Everyone wants to feel like they belong, to have a group of people that rallies around them. But your sense of identity shouldn’t come from others, it comes from within. Finding like-minded people feels good. But it doesn’t define you. That wouldn’t allow you room to grow and evolve without the approval of others. Groups are susceptible to believing they’re right, and every one else is wrong – the “clan mentality.” Openness leads to the sharing of ideas and understanding of others and each other’s differences. We’ll never completely agree on everything, and that’s ok. We’re all unique. Core values, love for others and respect in the face of differences, that unites us under one banner, the human race. Finding that inner peace and peace with others, accepting and loving yourself AND the acceptance and loving others where they are at in their journey, maybe it is there that you will find that You belong. 🙏🏻💛

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