Love Is…

Part Four:
Love Does Not Boast

Love does not boast. To boast is to excessively speak with pride of one’s “self.” Confidence is quiet. Insecurity is loud. The little “self,” ego, is insecure. If you are secure in Self, there is no need to boast. People will recognize You or they won’t. If you are secure in Love, Love will guide your thoughts and actions without the need to draw attention to what you are doing. Love does not seek attention. Love gives freely with no expectation of recognition. When you celebrate an event or an accomplishment, the intent is to share your life with others. Boasting is not celebrating with others. Boasting is you celebrating your “self.” Celebrating shares the light of joy with everyone. Boasting is keeping the light on your “self,” the insecurity of being out-shined by others. Share joy. Be confident. Be Love.

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