Love Is…

Part Five:
Love is Not Proud

Love is not proud. Pride becomes an issue when ego starts feeding on it, inflating opinion of “self” and deflating the opinion you have of others. This is associated with a sense or feeling of intrinsic superiority. If you achieve something, instead of being happy and grateful, you may become arrogant. You stop seeing others for who They Are and believe you are “the one and only,” an island unto yourself, cutting off everyone because no one deserves to be near or receive “your radiance.” It’s as if the people around you are offshore on boats, unable to drop anchor. They are allowed to view your splendor, but no one is allowed to step foot on the island. Love is not concerned with ego, the little “self.” Love is Self. When you are connected to the nature of Love, you find yourself in a place of Gratitude, finding gratitude for all things that come your way. You may work really hard to accomplish certain goals in this lifetime. But a place of Gratitude does not align with being vain. “Pride comes before the fall.” Pride is not strength. It causes us to stumble on our false image of “self” and enlarged ego. If you are full of pride, you cannot receive Love because there is no room for Love. Pride can cause us to cut ourselves off from Loving and receiving Love. And perhaps one of the worst things Pride does is it blinds us from Truth. Pride keeps you from reaching out, and pride keeps you from acknowledging others, the pain they feel and the pain you cause yourself when you decide no one, not even yourself, is deserving of forgiveness. When we refuse to forgive others, we withhold forgiveness from ourselves, keeping ourselves and others in bondage. Pride seeks to protect “self image.” The ego wants to be right and prove others wrong. Pride seeks to punish others for their “wrong doing.” Humility seeks understanding and reconciliation. Humility forgives, even when forgiveness isn’t given. “Grace is given to the humble.” In humility, you receive Love because you have room to receive and are grateful for all that you receive and have. Humility is not weak. Being humble keeps you grounded in the reality that we all come from the same Source. That Source is Love. Humility recognizes that the work, the work of your Being, the transformation is not done. There is much to do and learn. With humility, there is room to grow. Pride seeks to put others down. Humility seeks to lift others up. Pride refuses to reach out. Humility accepts what is given. Accept Love. Be Love

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