Love Is…

Part Six:
Love Does Not Dishonor

To Love is to honor, having regard and respect for the identity and sanctity of a person and experience. Everyone and every experience has value, one way or another. The challenges we encounter serve as excellent teachers, the lessons we learn teach us more about the world around us and ourselves. When we no longer seek the approval of others, we are able to admire the value of others because we recognize our own value. When we respect ourselves, we know how to respect others. When we recognize the value we are born with, we have the choice to act in accordance to our beliefs. Much in the way we honor and respect promises and contracts, when we believe they are valuable, our thoughts are centered on honoring that contract and promise. By honoring ourselves and others, we build a foundation of trust. When a person dishonors another, whether through thoughts, speech, and actions, it is because they hold no honor in their thoughts, speech, and actions. Dishonor brings others and brings ourselves to a place of guilt and shame. When we dishonor, we are actually locking ourselves in The Pillory. When we honor, we uphold that which we value. If you believe someone has value, you’ll honor them. If you believe you have value, you’ll honor your Self.  There is no place for guilt and shame when we value ourselves and others. The honorable person doesn’t seek dishonoring others. Honor Self. Honor Love. Be Love.

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