Love is…

Part Seven:
Love is Not Self-Seeking

Love is not self-seeking. We all have basic needs the body requires. Outside of that, what are those needs? Is it not one’s responsibility or need to seek themselves and the true nature of Heart? It is your desire and need to be connected with your True Nature. And when we are not, we go seeking. When we are lost, we search. We search and use all kinds of things to fill the absence of Self. When you are connected to Love and reside in Love, there is no need to seek out “self.” We have a need to find our Self. When we find Love, our needs are met because We have all We need. You have You – and the Love of You – and are able to turn your attention towards others. Love is giving. Love is serving. We are able to recognize what we have and feel the desire to give and to serve. Ego takes. When we identify with little “self,” we are identifying with ego. Selfish is ego’s needs. Ego does not view Self or others. Ego is void, a bottomless pit you cannot fill. Everything and everyone around you becomes a thing to put in the void. Ego seeks to use things and others. We all have a desire to fill our needs. The feeling of discontent can serve a biological purpose, letting us know the body needs adequate nutrition, shelter, and protection by joining a group of people. We may even find discontent with our thoughts and behaviors towards others when we recognize a desire to shift towards being positive. Discontent we identify with “self” is when no thing is ever good enough. You may desire a better house, a better job, or better friends. But being content with the way things are in the present moments allows us to be grateful for what we have, even when we seek improvement. Even when we desire to shift towards positivity, we are grateful in the moment, being able to recognize the ability to grow. True Self doesn’t need things or others to fill a void. Love has no void. Love is content with Self. When you know your True Nature, Love, you have found Self. Find Love. Be Love.


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