Love Is…

Part Eight:
Love is Not Easily Angered

The anger we feel comes from pain. When we believe we have been “wronged,” when we’ve identified with the projection of someone’s pain, we may become angry. Being slow to anger is when you pause before the height of emotion. What do you recognize during the pause? When you ask yourself why you are angry, you begin the process of understanding where it comes from. Anger is a response to your belief that there is a call to action, to identify and defend against a real threat. What do we do when we feel threatened? We may defend ourselves. We may run away. And sometimes, we may preemptively strike to disarm a perceived threat. How do we recognize a real threat? If we have a sure footing and are on stable ground, we can identify potential or real harm. Being rooted in security, that is – security in Self, the Love you identify with, there is no harm that can be inflicted without you believing that it will. If you believe someone will cause you pain, they will. If you know that they won’t without you allowing it, they can’t. Pain is a real thing we allow ourselves to be controlled by. We become victims to pain. Love is a protective force that allows us to move beyond anger to understanding. You cannot harbor anger if you are secure in Love. And if you are viewing the world from a position of Love, the fear of emotional pain is removed, and instead of reacting to the pain, you respond. Respond from the position of Love. Be Love.

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