Love Is…

Part Nine:
Love Keeps No Record of Wrongs

Memory serves to remind us of the lessons learned. When we experience life lessons, we gain knowledge of how the world  around us operates. When we put into practice the knowledge we’ve gained, that is when we gain wisdom. When we know our Self, we are wise. When we keep a record, we do it with an intention of going back and revisiting the things recorded. The list of “wrongs” we hang onto, what purpose does it serve? We may forget the things people do and say, but it’s hard to forget the way we felt when we feel we were wronged. Loving doesn’t mean to be forgetful. It means letting go of what holds you to the past. Everyone has a past. Everyone has history. Everyone has a story. But you are none of those things. When we cling to the record, we cling to past events, the past hurts. Are we afraid to let go of the record? Does holding on to the past make us feel we are in control? Or do we feel stuck in  a prison, a moment in time that you and the person who hurt you are frozen in. If you let it go and move on, the hurts you felt no longer need your keeping. The act of forgiveness frees you from remaining in a state of pain. The act of forgiveness frees you to see the other in a different Light, no longer held to the image you kept them in. The act of Love allows you to recognize there is no need to keep record of “wrongs.” Love becomes your reality, your present moment to reside in. Love becomes the reality you live. Keep Love. Be Love.

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