Love Is…

Part Ten:
Love Does Not Delight in Evil

The real evil in this world is the intent, the active seeking to cause harm and injure, to inflict pain. The real harm we inflict on others, we cannot do without inflicting harm on ourselves. If we hate, is it because we hate ourselves? Love cannot produce hate. There is no Delight in evil. Real Delight does not exist outside of Love. The way we treat others is a reflection of how we treat and think of ourselves. If you are in harmony with the Love within, harmony spills outward towards others. The Love keeps us from connecting to the hate directed towards ourselves. The Love keeps out hateful feelings that manifest when we feel pain. Some may get to such a deep place of pain, they begin to hate what they feel. Their view becomes blurred or darkened. They become unconscious of Self and others, and can only react to the pain they feel. Someone with a clear view sees things for what They Are. They are able to see past the hurt. They are able to have a broader view. The real good is the value we recognize within ourselves and the value of others. When we see the intrinsic good, we direct our thoughts and actions to align with the Love we desire to reveal. We can delight in the good we see and experience. Love is good. Delight in Love. Be Love.

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