Love Is…

Part Eleven:
Love Rejoices with the Truth


Truth is what is in accordance with reality. We make assumptions all the time without the true knowledge of what is reality. When we see things play out with our open eyes, we are perceiving real time events happening. We believe we know and understand these events because we’re seeing them. What about what we don’t see? We can still believe in certain realities, but does that make it real? To get to the truth of things, you may have to do some digging. You may have to ask questions. And you may still not know the truth of what you seek. You may wonder, what is the one thing I can rely on? What you see and what you feel does not always reflect the reality of the situation. You may believe you have reason to doubt what you’re being told. You may give weight to the doubt you attach to yourself. If we could peel back all the layers, if we could dive deep below the surface, beneath the insecurities, the anger, the pain, the fear – what would we see? Would we find our True Nature that is sometimes hidden? “If you never know Truth, then you never know Love.” The Truth is there, even though it may be hidden. To be True to your Self means you don’t feel the need to hide who You Are. You don’t feel the need to withhold Love, and you don’t concern your Self with the lies others may speak to you and about you. Truth needs no defense, it just is. And Love does not seek being right. Sometimes when you win, you lose.  You can reveal the Truth of your Nature, the Reality, without arguing for your stance. Sometimes our choices and actions speak louder than what we could say. Show Love. Sometimes we use the concept of what is “right” to justify our behavior towards others. But if this behavior is outside the bounds of Love, is it right? You need only concern yourself with the Truth of what you know to be. If you are at peace within yourself, you won’t have a need to prove others wrong. Rest in knowledge of your True Nature. When you connect with your True Nature, you can rejoice in the knowledge that you are seeing Love. You are meeting with Love. The Truth will set you free. Be True to your Self. Rejoice in Love. Be Love.

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