Love Is…

Part 14:
Love Always Hopes


What is hope? Hope, generally, is the anticipation that everything will be alright, that good things will happen. We’ve heard quotes or scriptures that say, “All things are possible if you believe,” and “Faith is being sure of what you hope for and certain of what you do not see.” By definition, hope is a feeling of expectation or desire for a certain outcome, a reason or evidence that a certain outcome will manifest, and it can be the very thing that may help or save someone. If you’ve ever seen hope leave someone, it’s like the very light leaves their eyes. It’s like, their reason for being is lost. The very thing they were clinging to is no more, and resignation to a fate like death creeps in. Hope is as essential as air and water. Without it, the human spirit seems to fade, and you feel yourself sinking. But why? What is it that we all seem to cling to? What has caused us to be anticipating something outside of our current situation?

It could be many things, I think. Every one of us is enduring something, maybe sickness or a loved one’s sickness–maybe it’s heartache or loneliness. One of the things all these have in common is that they are hardships that we hope to pass through, unscathed. But being unscathed in this world doesn’t exist. The scathing, the “refining by fire that purifies,” the obstacles we move around or climb over, they serve to strengthen us. If we have hope that we will make it through, and even better, make it through as better persons, being made better because of it, that is what I see worth having hope for.

The other commonality between hardships is the unknown. You may be asking yourself, “Will the pain ever go away? Who will I be with this loss? What will happen?” We don’t exactly know how things will turn out, and we may fear that. Perhaps, an embracing of the circumstances as what you can use to be made better can perhaps propel you forward with renewed strength, an enlivened spirit, and a soul at peace with the present moments with no fear of the future present moments. Maybe, having the hope that you will be changed, and who you will be in the future will be a wiser person, more able to express Love, compassion and understanding. Maybe, to have this hope will light your way, revealing a love for life, your Life with all the moments that are shaping and molding you.

Love reveals to you the desires of your Heart and gives intrinsic value, meaning, and purpose. Regardless of what the future may be, You are here now, already capable of great Love, compassion and understanding. To have hope means you are Alive. And where there is Life, there is Hope—where there is hope, there is Love. If you find yourself navigating the darkness, that the hardship is too much, look up and look hard, and listen to the Guiding Light that is Love. Where there is Love there is always Hope. 💛

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