A Belief and a Dream

I want to learn about the role of the microbiota and our microbiome in our health, the nutrition for our individual health needs to ease symptoms in or cure illness, and learn the techniques to create the beautiful meals that our bodies need to thrive.  www.eatartlivewell.com


“Don’t let schooling interfere with your education.” – Mark Twain

Something that’s been holding me back for a long time is the belief that if I don’t go back to school, have the money to pay for school, get the degree to show I am educated in this thing, then I can’t pursue my dream. *Not true!* I am only limited by my limiting beliefs.

What is your dream? What is your passion? Maybe the highest calling we have is to have a dream, then make moves and choices that align with that dream. And just maybe, if you have found that place of inner-peace and self acceptance of where you are in the journey, then cool things will start to happen in your life. 💛

Believe all things are possible and that you are worthy of good things, peace, and fulfillment. Have hope that you will make it through the obstacles, because you are here today, proving you can. Obstacles aren’t meant to stop you from growing. You get strong by moving forward and through struggles.

What you feel, validate. Then validate your Self, notice what you’re feeling, ask your Self what you can do, then shift your attitude, do what you need to do, and find gratitude for the experience. You are not your feelings. You *have* feelings. You are not your thoughts. You *have* thoughts. Recognize them. And recognize your Self having these feelings and thoughts. 💖

When one chapter of your journey is coming to a close, it’s not the end… It’s the beginning of something new, wrapped in possibility. “Nothing is lost. Everything is transformed.” – Michael Ende

Have faith that the future is yours and that you can create a life full of meaning and purpose. And Love You exactly where you are in this journey. 💖 As the sun sets on the day, and the light of day fades into the night, do not be afraid of moving through the dark and the unknown. There is purpose and beauty in the night. Move through it, find peace, and you will find yourself back in the Light.

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