Love Is…

Part Thirteen:
Love Always Trusts



To trust another is to be vulnerable. You open yourself up to receive Love from others and to share the Love residing in your Heart. If we open ourselves up to receive, we may incidentally receive someone’s pain. Then, we ourselves experience the pain, whether it’s the pain of others you take on or the pain that manifests from growth and experience. Is the pain worth it? If we are always fearing pain from the experiences of the past, we can cut ourselves off from the healing Love that we can share and receive. To Love is to Trust. Love is not concerned with the past. Love is concerned with the present moment. You actually exist in the present moment, and yet, sometimes we get lost in the thoughts of the past. The relationships built on solid foundations are built on Trust. To Trust is to build a bridge between Hearts. When we doubt, we dissolve the ability to move forward or grow. And when we doubt, sometimes we manifest the things we fear – the seeds of doubt were already sprouted, crumbling the framework of what you were building. When you live by doubt, is it because of what has happened in the past? If you trust your Self, what have you to worry? Certainly, there are experiences given to us for our better understanding and growth. There are shaky bridges and foundations you do not have to cross. Trust your Self and honor your Time and the path You are on. And when it comes to the time you must decide and choose, choose Love. Trust Love.

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